Friday, July 17, 2020

Third Party Data Breaches Endanger Every Company

Just because your company hasn’t had a data breach, that doesn’t mean that your staffers’ credentials are safe. Third-party data breaches are an increasing problem for every company. These days everyone uses internet-enabled services for everything from shopping to airline tickets. But that convenience comes at a price for workers: the risk of a personally identifiable data breach – and those breaches endanger their employers as well. 

Recently, 45 million records of travelers to Thailand and Malaysia appeared on the Dark Web. The stolen information included extensive personal data on travelers from many countries including their Passenger ID number, full name, mobile numbers, passport details, home address, gender, and flight details. And as we reported recently, users of top gambling app Clubillion were recently impacted by a data breach as well, leading to millions of users having personally identifiable data leaked.  
These breaches provide the fuel that powers spear phishing attempts, blackmail, password compromise, and other cyberattacks. While companies can’t stop third-party breaches from accidental exposure of their workers’ personal information, they can mitigate the potential damage and add protections that can stop bad actors from using it against them.  
Ensure that you’re protecting your data and systems from common sources of credential compromise and data loss by implementing a solid cybersecurity plan bulwarked by a digital risk protection platform featuring a Dark Web monitoring solution like Dark Web ID to watch for compromised credentials and alert companies to trouble. By making sure that you’re prepared for trouble from unexpected sources, you make your entire cybersecurity posture stronger to increase data loss prevention fast. 

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