Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Multifactor Authentication is a Security Must-Have in 2020

Today’s risk landscape is more complicated than ever. There’s a new danger to your systems and data lurking around every corner, and a new solution that you need to buy to mitigate it. Third-party data breaches are a constant worry not to mention the risk that comes from staff password recycling, or unintentional insider threats like falling for a phishing attack. So how can you provide an extra layer of security against most risks without spending a fortune? 
Multifactor authentication (MFA). Adding MFA on every user account us a fast, easy way to secure your company’s entry points. Even if cybercriminals are able to obtain a credential that would allow them access to your systems and data from an outside source, that credential isn’t going to do them any good without an authentication token like a code that’s sent to the real account holder’s cellphone. 
It’s wise to put a complete suite of digital risk protection solutions in place but you may need to economize. That makes cost-effective, multifunctional tools like Passly the ideal choice. By combining MFA with single sign-on, remote management, and seamless integration with over 100 common business applications, Passly gives a high return on investment and a high level of protection – because no one can afford a data breach in this economy.   

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