Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Does Remote Work Really Increase Cyberattack Risks?

It’s long been debated whether remote work demonstrably increases the risk of a cyberattack. As we move through the pandemic, we’re all taking part in an unexpected experiment in remote working – and we’re just starting to see if the increased risk that’s often associated with remote work is fact or fiction

The third Global Threat Report is out, and it’s got some important data to consider when debating the risk of remote work or securing a remote workforce. According to researchers, 91% of executives surveyed believe that remote work has placed their companies at higher risk for a cyberattack, with a high incidence of phishing attempts named as the biggest factor that drove that opinion.  
The study, conducted in March and April of 2020, found that 85% of the surveyed executives (chief information officers, chief technology officers, and chief information security officers) felt that breach risks were too high because their workforce had not been properly equipped, trained, or secured to work from home, with 28% citing severe known gaps in security.
As the pandemic continues to affect the way that business is done, companies need to take adequate measures to secure their remote workforce long term. Our resource package “Remote Working Cybersecurity” can help with a checklist and more! DOWNLOAD IT>> 
Over 29% of the surveyed executives cited a lack of multifactor authentication as the biggest threat facing their organization, rising to 50% for companies in the financial services sector, and 46% for companies with 251-500 employees. COVID-19 related malware was reported by 43% of respondents as the biggest perceived threat organizations with 50-250 employees. 
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Companies should be proactive to avoid future headaches. By adding MFA and the remote workforce support power of our digital risk protection platform now, businesses can be ready for tumultuous times and avoid hazards like scrambling for added security or a costly data breach as we continue to grapple with the global pandemic. 

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