Monday, July 11, 2016

Three Must-Haves for Your Network's Firewall

Given the amount of confidential data that flows in and out of a business, having secure and robust network protection is crucial. But considering that every business has its own specific requirements, such as scalability, affordability, and flexibility, selecting the right firewall is no simple task. However, there are aspects that every next generation firewall should have, and three of these are listed below.

Advanced Evasion Techniques Protection 

Advanced evasion techniques are known for their ability to penetrate, exploit, or circumvent multiple layers of network security. They are especially harmful because they can appear to behave like normal activity to a less complex security solution. But a firewall with advanced malware prevention technology lets any and all traffic be inspected, allowing for multi-level and full-scale monitoring and analysis that does not compete with normal network performance and operations.

High Availability and Failover Capabilities  

Every network has its periods of scheduled and unscheduled downtime. If your firewall has high availability and failover capabilities, these downtimes can appear almost seamless to the end user. On the network side, data is protected while applications routinely undergo updates and maintenance.

User and Application Control

Although having a few minutes to browse the web can actually help with productivity, being able to create and apply policies that protect your data, applications, and hardware is a necessary safeguard. With user and application control, you can specify user identities, roles, and domain names. Additionally, you can generate reports to review activities and keep data safe and secure for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Need for Network Protection

The necessity of a secure network protection should be the impetus for you to invest in a next-generation firewall. Not only will it increase your business' resiliency and data availability, but it can also reduce the costs of unscheduled downtime and critical issue resolution. If you are debating which features to have in your firewall, consider the three above so that your data, clients, and business demands are protected from threats and intrusions.

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