Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Complete business telephone solutions from Fortinet

Get complete business telephone solutions from Fortinet

With built-in features, flexible services and products that cover all office sizes and connection types, the Fortinet line-up of phone systems, phones and services does everything you need. 
Simple, powerful and affordable
Fortinet voice solutions give you everything you need to handle calls professionally, control costs and stay connected everywhere. Built for single or multilocation offices with up to 2000 phone users per location, FortiVoice can cost you significantly less than similar solutions from Avaya, ShoreTel, Cisco and others. With FortiVoice, there are no added licenses or components required to get up and running, and with DIY configuration of systems and services, you're not reliant on expensive technicians.
How affordable?
Hardware prices for a total FortiVoice solution in a typical 25-user deployment is under $6000, including phones for all users. A typical 50-user deployment is under $12,000. A typical 100-user deployment is under $21,000. These are all-in prices with a full feature suite and everything you need except the service. And we've got you covered there too, with FortiCall VoIP service starting at $24.95 per line per month for unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

How does your current solution stack up? Register now for a free phone system health check. We'll inspect your set-up and show you where you can save money. 

Ask us about special bundles for retail and education.

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You’re probably using one of these 25 terrible passwords - Quartz

You're probably using one of these 25 terrible passwords

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As hackers know all too well, most people are lazy password-creators. And despite several high-profile data breaches, not much changed in 2014.
The year's most common—and least secure—passwords looked pretty familiar, according to the security services company SplashData's annual list, based on 3.3 million leaked passwords in North America and Europe.
As in 2013, "123456" and "password" held the top two slots, and number-only passwords in general comprised half of the top ten passwords. Patterns like "qwerty," which is the consecutive six keys at the top of the keyboard, remained in the top five.
There were a few new additions in the top 25 most-used passwords: Superheroes such as "batman" and "superman" were popular; "dragon" and "mustang," showed a love of wild beasts, and "baseball" and "football" of sports. Meanwhile, the simpler, more upbeat days of 2013's "princess," "sunshine," and "iloveyou" were over. (The continued popularity of "shadow" and "trustno1″ indicated some aspirations to subterfuge—thwarted, perhaps, by those passwords' ubiquity.)
rank 2013 2014
1 123456 123456
2 password password
3 12345678 12345
4 qwerty 12345678
5 abc123 qwerty
6 123456789 1234567890
7 111111 1234
8 1234567 baseball
9 iloveyou dragon
10 adobe123 football
11 123123 1234567
12 admin monkey
13 1234567890 letmein
14 letmein abc123
15 photoshop 111111
16 1234 mustang
17 monkey access
18 shadow shadow
19 sunshine master
20 12345 michael
21 password1 superman
22 princess 696969
23 azerty 123123
24 trustno1 batman
25 000000 trustno1
Appearances aside, people actually seem to have taken greater precautions with online protection, said Mark Burnett, an online security expert who worked with SplashData. 2014 saw the "lowest percentage of people using the most common passwords" he explained.
Besides avoiding the common passwords, here are some tips to creating a safer password: Stick to longer, mixed-character passwords (eight or more characters in both capital and lower case letters); stay away from easily guessable personal clues such as pets' names; avoid dictionary words and instead purposefully misspell words.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

FortiExpress is on the Move!

The FortiExpress is on the Move!
Please join us at our next stop:
Dave and Busters, Austin, TX

We are going coast-to-coast in the FortiExpress, Fortinet's highly sophisticated training and executive briefing center - a truly classy affair on wheels.

Inside the FortiExpress you will see first-hand the capabilities of Fortinet's solutions as we showcase how you can solve today's latest network security challenges.

See live demos of innovative security solutions including:
  • FortiDDos
  • FortiSandbox
  • FortiGate 3700D
  • FortiWiFi
  • Ixia (Breaking Point) Perfect Storm
  • VMWare ESXi Appliance for Virtual Appliances
  • FortiOS 5.2
  • FortiManager
  • FortiAnalyzer
This tour is open to customers and partners.
Light fare and snacks will be provided by Fortinet. And there will be prizes and giveaways, so make sure to make your way to the FortiExpress!
Register now!

Register now!
Wednesday, January 14, 2014
11:00AM - 3:00PM

9333 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX 75082

Christie Brusilow

About Fortinet (
NASDAQ: FTNT) is a worldwide provider of network security appliances and a market leader in Network Security (FW/NGFW/UTM). Our products and subscription services provide broad, integrated and high-performance protection against advanced threats while simplifying the IT security infrastructure. 

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