Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cybersecurity News Reports That Insider Threats Have Grown by 47%


Insider threats are a top cybersecurity risk for any company, and that risk is growing rapidly. Recently in the news, statistics from the Ponemon Institute report show that insider threats have climbed by 47% over the last two years. Whether they come from malicious sources or just simple human errors, insider threats have the potential to devastate a business
Malicious insiders are finding it very profitable to sell data on the Dark Web, especially COVID-19 healthcare and research data. An expanding market for credentials tempts staffers into taking advantage of lucrative opportunities to sell their access credentials, especially if they’re highly privileged. Over 25% of cyberattacks caused by insider threats come from malicious insiders.
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Unintentional insider threats are less ominous and more common. More than 60% of breaches caused by insider threats are caused by staffers who aren’t trying to damage the company – they just made a mistake. Unfortunately, that mistake can be the door to a data breach that results in your information hitting the Dark Web, plus and expensive and time-consuming recovery, sometimes with regulatory penalties topping it off. 
For your clients, Learning how to define insider threats and having some examples of potential threat vectors to consider can help demonstrate why this is an issue that they should take seriously. Creating an effective defense against insider threats includes choosing a dynamic cybersecurity risk protection platform with multiple solutions that work together to mitigate the risk of a bad actor gaining access to systems and data.  
Malicious insiders will almost always be looking for a way to profit off of the data or access that they’re selling, and they’re most likely to turn to the busy data markets on the Dark Web. With a solution like Dark Web ID, companies can find out fast if their data or credentials appear in Dark Web markets because of our 24/7/365 monitoring and analysis – empowering them to act to solve a problem before it becomes a catastrophe. 
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