Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Are You Staying Remote? Update Your IT Security Plan.


Although many companies were accustomed to supporting a remote workforce at least part of the time before the global pandemic, every company that’s still operating had to quickly transition to a fully remote workforce as the pandemic took hold of the world – and some of them discovered that they liked it. 
Many companies used to only allow limited remote work, convinced that their staffers would be less productive at home without supervision. As remote work became a necessity during the COVID-19 restrictions imposed around the world, companies that braced for decreased productivity from their newly remote workforce were in for a surprise. Instead of diminishing production, remote work was boosting it, with one study reporting that remote workers on average worked 1.4 more days in a month than they did in the office.  
This has led to a sea change in the thinking about remote work. Myriad companies in a broad range of industries have already adopted or are beginning to adopt permanent remote work as a norm for staff. The enticement of smaller facility costs and more flexibility combined with the added staff productivity and satisfaction is encouraging progressive companies to stay fully remote – but remote work brings its own cybersecurity risks.
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If you’re considering never going back to the office or even just keeping your staff flexible with extended remote capability, you’ll need to reconsider your cybersecurity posture. Remote work may bring many benefits, but it also brings new cybersecurity challenges to the table. Choosing the right cybersecurity stack (including a digital risk protection platform) to support remote work today can save many headaches, and dollars, in the future. 
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