Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Internet and Information Safety is Important for Kids too!

Kids these days are instant citizens of the digital world. That’s why it’s important for kids to learn about safe online behavior and what to watch out for. To that end, we’ve created 2 fun books to teach kids about how not to get tricked by cybercriminals using lovable characters and memorable rhymes combined with fun coloring pages and other activities. Download them today to print out some fun art pages for family time – or maybe just to keep the kids busy during your next Zoom.  
Click here to get “The ID Agent Security Team Coloring and Activity Book” with coloring pages and games that teach kids about general online information and password safety. 
Click here to get “Billy the Bull Goes Phishing”, a coloring book to teach kids to protect their personal information and not be fooled by phishing attacks. 
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