Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Small Businesses Struggle to Acquire Top Cybersecurity Talent

Few institutions are at more risk of a cyber-attack than SMBs. Unfortunately, these same companies are struggling to compete with major corporations for the IT and cybersecurity talent that can keep their infrastructure and data secure. 

In general, this trend reveals a growing chasm between escalating cybersecurity threats and the availability of affordable, qualified professionals who can defend against them. In Canada alone, it’s estimated that organizations will need to fill 3,600 cybersecurity positions alone, meaning that the market forces of supply and demand are inextricably working against SMBs with more modest budgets. 

Moreover, today’s cybercrimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated and exponentially more expensive. For instance, credential stuffing and ransomware attacks often require specialized personnel to adequately defend against these threats.

However, SMBs don’t have to bring all of this talent under their own roof. Instead, they can partner with qualified cybersecurity specialists (Like us!) to augment their capabilities and ensure their data security in a dangerous digital environment.

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