Wednesday, December 18, 2019

New Threat Actor Impersonates Government Agencies

Cybersecurity researchers are warning consumers of a new threat actor impersonating government email accounts in the US and EU. To date, researchers have discovered hoax emails from the US Postal Service, the German Federal Ministry of Finance, and the Italian Revenue Agency. The emails are delivering malicious payloads containing ransomware to a variety of recipients. 

While researchers found that cybercriminals are targeting a broad audience with their messages, they concluded that most are heavily skewed toward businesses, which offer higher payouts and more robust data sets when attacks are successful. 

Fortunately, malicious emails rely on user response, so businesses can protect themselves by training their employees to spot fraudulent emails. This particular attack might be new, but the strategy is well-established, and today’s employees need to be aware of the threats that are potentially lurking in their inboxes.

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