Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Data Breaches Reach New Highs

2019 has been a notorious year for data breaches, a reality that is playing out in front page headlines and major industry studies. According to Risk Based Security’s Q3 2019 Data Breach Report, it’s the worst ever recorded in history. 

The year’s third quarter saw a year-over-year increase of 112% in the total records exposed. Unfortunately, this isn’t all attributable to the high-volume data breaches at major corporations. This year, SMBs, government agencies, and educational institutions are also seeing an uptick in cybersecurity incidents, together creating a 33.3% increase in the total number of breaches for the year. 

Notably, many of these data breaches were avoidable. From misconfigured databases to phishing attacks, businesses have many options at their disposal for proactively protecting their most sensitive information. There is no indication that this recent data breach trend is likely to abate anytime soon, so businesses of every size have plenty of reasons to ensure that negligence isn’t the cause of yet another data catastrophe.

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