Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Few Employees Receive Cybersecurity Training


The precipitous rise in phishing scams and malware attacks has made employee cybersecurity training a critical component of any cyber defense strategy. However, a recent report by Chubbs indicates that many businesses aren’t providing cybersecurity training to their employees. 

The report found that only 31% of employees receive cybersecurity training, while 70% of companies claim to have “excellent” or “good” cybersecurity standards. 

These divergent claims contradict one another as companies with disengaged or ignorant employees pose a serious cybersecurity threat to their cybersecurity posture.

As data breaches continue to make headlines and to damage businesses’ bottom lines, it seems that too many organizations are unnecessarily putting themselves at risk. Comprehensive employee awareness training is an affordable way to bolster your defensive posture, and it can make a significant impact on the most prescient threats facing businesses today.


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