Friday, November 22, 2019

U.S. Senate Passes Ransomware Response Law

Ransomware is making a devastating comeback in 2019, impacting SMBs, government agencies, and educational institutions with frightening regularity and at great cost. 

The scourge of attacks has been so profound that a bill governing ransomware response tactics actually elicited bipartisan support from a divisive U.S. senate. 

The new legislation calls for dedicated teams tasked with providing organizations with best practice advice for protecting against and responding to ransomware attacks. These resources will be available for SMBs, government agencies, and schools, which were specifically addressed by senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer.

The practical effects of such legislation are unclear, but the more prescient fact is that the law exists at all. It underscores the incredible need for more companies to adopt a best practice defensive posture and the chasm between those that are ready to defend themselves and those that remain vulnerable.

However, the law alone won’t solve SMBs problems. They need to understand the ways that their IT infrastructure might be vulnerable, and they need to make addressing those concerns a top priority.

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