Monday, November 11, 2019

Businesses Underestimate the Threat of Stolen Employee Data

While every business is busy finding ways to protect their customers’ data, a recent survey found that many are not paying attention to the threat posed by stolen employee data. Only 11% of respondents reported believing that compromised employee credentials like usernames and passwords pose high risk. 

However, the reality is that years of extensive data breaches have resulted in employee information being readily available on the Dark Web. Even more, hackers are leveraging tactics like credential stuffing attacks to access company networks undetected. 

By failing to account for the entire threat landscape, businesses are opening themselves up to additional data exposure vulnerabilities that involve customer information.

Fortunately, companies can be proactive about identifying compromised credentials. Dark Web monitoring services alert businesses when their employee information is available for sale, providing them the opportunity to safeguard information before it is used against them.

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