Monday, November 18, 2019

Consumers Will Stop Engaging with Brands Online After Data Breach

After years of high-profile data breaches, consumers are fed up with companies that can’t protect their data, and they are increasingly willing to cut off brands that fail in this regard. 

In a recent survey by Business Wire, nearly 50% of respondents are more concerned about data security then they were a year ago. Notably, 81% indicated that they would stop engaging with brands online after a data breach, and 63% of consumers believe that the company is always responsible for data security. 

These findings place a significant burden on companies to evaluate their cybersecurity posture. In today’s digital landscape, failing to protect customer data won’t just be inconvenient. It could be the beginning of the end for many businesses.

Rather than leaving it to chance, get the support that you need to ensure that your company is ready to address consumer demands as the costs of failing to meet the moment are incredibly steep.

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