Monday, November 25, 2019

UK Business Leaders Believe Data Breaches Are the New Normal

The majority of UK businesses have suffered some form of a data breach in 2019, and C-suite business leaders view this reality as the “new normal.” 

This information was derived from the latest Carbon Black study, which surveyed 250 C-level business leaders from the UK. In total, 84% indicated that they endured a data breach in the past year, and the same amount indicated that cyber attacks were becoming more sophisticated. 

This new reality is especially notable among smaller businesses, which reported a 57% increase in cyber attacks. While the financial repercussions varied significantly, 75% of executives noted that reputational cost is one of the most problematic results of a data breach.

Interestingly, two of the most prominent threats identified by executives, malware and phishing attacks, are defensible. By implementing comprehensive awareness training, companies of all sizes can neutralize a persistent and problematic threat group.

In a cybersecurity landscape that’s increasingly defined by continuous attacks, controlling some of the variables can give any organization a leg up on the best efforts of bad actors.

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