Thursday, November 14, 2019

Australian CEOs Fail to Appreciate Cyberthreats

Today, data breaches are top-of-mind for companies and consumers alike; however, those concerns appear don’t appear to have made it all the way to the C-suite. 

According to a recent survey of Australian executives, those in leadership positions significantly overestimate their company’s cybersecurity capabilities, exposing a serious disconnect between decision makers and those charged with securing a company’s data. 

For example, 63% of CISOs surveyed said that their company experienced a data breach in the past 12 months, but only 6% of CEOs shared this viewpoint. Similarly, 44% of CEOs thought that their company was prepared to respond to a cyberthreat, while only 26% of CISO’s were confident in this assertion.

This disparity doesn’t just relate to technological capabilities. 69% of CISOs view cybersecurity as an integral part of their business plan, and only 27% of CEOs saw it as a bottom-line issue.

Other surveys have shown that cybersecurity professionals are quickly becoming overwhelmed by their jobs, and many are considering leaving the field altogether. Without support from top-level executives, this problem will only get worse, which means that data security will become more problematic.

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