Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In Other News:

In Other News:

Your Google Chrome extension may be an accomplice to phishing scams 

Users of the popular Google Chrome browser could be susceptible to a new phishing scam. Android mobile users running Google Chrome might be familiar with the browser’s aesthetic, user-experience guided method of hiding the address bar when a user scrolls through a website. However, perpetrators of phishing scams are now using this feature to display a fake URL bar that persists when users scroll.

At the same time, the fictitious URL bar can display the credentials of real websites, making users think they are viewing an authentic website. By hiding the original URL bar, users can be easily directed towards malicious third-party sites where users could expose their personal or financial data.

This vulnerability is being exploited to execute effective phishing scams that quickly capture users most sensitive information. Beware!

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