Thursday, May 2, 2019

Another Dark Web marketplace shuts down

Another Dark Web marketplace shuts down 

The Dark Web, a section of the internet that has become famous for selling illegal drugs, weapons, malware, and other illicit materials, is undergoing a major shakeup. Authorities have already shuttered many of the most prominent marketplaces, culminating in last month’s announcement that Dream Market, the oldest and biggest platform, would close. Now, another major player, Wall Street Market, is ending as well.

According to multiple reports, the website’s admins have “exit scammed” the site’s users, siphoning $14.2 million in user funds into Bitcoin wallets not associated with the marketplace. At the same time, there are reports that customer support staff are blackmailing users who shared their information during customer support requests.

The Dark Web is a nefarious place, and it’s difficult to feel bad for anyone who is scammed when participating in such overtly illegal activities, but the episode is a reminder of the expansive marketplace fueling many cybersecurity vulnerabilities and the extensive demand for security-compromising products.

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