Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Coming soon - Cybersecurity for 5G

Coming soon - Cybersecurity for 5G

As you might imagine, many industries are gearing up to harness the widely anticipated development of 5G. Although there is much to gain, including better speeds and more consistency, we must also prepare for 5G to usher in its own showcase of security threats.

One of the immediate concerns that rises to the top is how 5G will transform data collection and protection. With fast-moving and highly customized web traffic, new technologies such as IoT devices will be enabled, creating an unmet need in security statistics and metrics.

High-level cybersecurity strategies must adapt to meet these needs, but one maxim still holds true. Hackers will continue to expose the gaps within the infrastructures of small businesses or enterprises, but security providers and solutions will prepare you with the tools to fight back.


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