Thursday, May 30, 2019

In Other News: Card Data Stolen From 201 Online Campus Stores

In Other News:

Card Data Stolen From 201 Online Campus Stores 

201 online campus stores for universities based in the U.S. and Canada were victimized by the popular Magecart attack, where hackers plant malicious JavaScript code on a website. This code collects payment information from customers using an affected platform. Once the financial data is collected, it is remotely stored by hacking groups who subsequently sell that information on the Dark Web.

The Magecart skimming code has been identified on at least ten other platforms and has spread to e-commerce sites as well.

Interestingly, cybersecurity researchers noticed that Magecart groups often don’t pursue e-commerce sites directly. Instead, they target components that often accompany their online store, such as chat and support widgets.

The weight of this incident serves as a reminder: companies need to invest in a holistic suite of cybersecurity solutions that accounts for today’s entire evolving threat landscape.

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