Monday, January 21, 2019

United States - BlackMediaGames (Town of Salem)

United States - BlackMediaGames (Town of Salem)
Exploit: LFI/RFI attack that injected malicious code into database.
BlankMediaGames: Game maker of ‘Town of Salem’.
correct severe gauge
Risk to Small Business: 2 = SevereWith a number as high as 7.6M users exposed, this cyberattack has the potential to be game-changing. News broke that DeHashed, a commercial breach indexing service, discovered the successful attack before Christmas and tried alerting the company, but no actions were made to secure the hacked servers and notify users until later on. Cybersecurity experts are claiming that the company’s hashing technique (PHPBB) for securing passwords was relatively weak, meaning that it is only a matter of time until hackers were able to crack them.
correct moderate gauge
Individual Risk: 2.428 = SevereStolen user data included usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, IP addresses, and game/forum activities. Payment information or credit card details were not exposed, but compromised information can still be leveraged to gain access to payment details on other similar accounts.
Customers Impacted: 7.6M users of ‘Town of Salem’.How it Could Affect Your Customers’ BusinessAlthough BlankMediaGames clarified that it does not handle payment information, users may not fully grasp what this means. When they hear breach, they feel exposed. To further compound the issue, the company admitted that its hashing platform for passwords was not as secure as it could be. Overall, video game services are becoming “low hanging fruits” for cybercriminals due to the emphasis of user experience over security and increasingly growing value of digital “in-game” goods or purchases.
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Risk Levels:1 - 1.5 = Extreme Risk1.51 - 2.49 = Severe Risk2.5 - 3 = Moderate Risk*The risk score is calculated using a formula that takes into account a wide range of factors related to the assessed breach.

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