Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Be Ready for The Breach

Be Ready for The BreachSince Marriot International was breached, it has been hit with two lawsuits that claim the organization delayed the breach disclosure and weren't transparent. How an organization handles a breach makes a significant impact on public opinion and customers trust. An organization that is seen to be forthcoming, transparent, and honest to their customers is much less likely to see a serious migration of customers.
Here are some common mistakes made when reporting breaches:
  • Not having a plan – Not being prepared for a breach can lead to a panicked, unorganized response that is half-baked. Just like every organization should have a fire response plan, every organization should have response procedures in place for a breach.
  • Downplaying the incident – Your customers deserve to know if they are at risk. Also downplaying the incident is likely illegal.
  • Delaying disclosure – Delaying disclosure can compromise the trust of your customers and may be illegal.
  • Oversharing / Under sharing – Sharing too much information can lead to bad actors taking note of the vulnerability and can put other organizations at risk. Sharing too little information can leave your customers at risk.
  • Not contacting the authorities – Involving law enforcement is free and can help significantly with the investigation.

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