Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Stakes Are Rising As Breach Penalties Expand

The former CSO of Uber was charged with obstruction of justice and misprision of a felony this week for his role in an alleged coverup of the notorious 2016 data breach which impacted an estimated 57 million individuals. What does that mean for companies that suffer a breach now, and what can you do to reduce your breach risk?

Breach penalties have been steadily increasing worldwide as regulators and lawmakers respond to public pressure to hold executives and companies to account that play fast and loose with data protection or attempt to cover up incidents. and the penalties aren’t just monetary – legal implications for executives and companies are becoming more common, especially if companies are uncooperative in investigations. 

So what can you do right now to prevent a costly data breach? Add a secure identity and access management solution. A solution like Passly that combines multifactor authentication, secure shared password vaults, single sign-on, and simple remote management increases your company’s compliance with data safety best practices and protocols while also protecting your systems from cybercrime.

Adding better protection against hackers is essential for protecting not only your data, but it’s also essential for protecting your business. Between the exorbitant cost of recovery and the regulatory nightmares that can follow a senstive data breach, investing in a secure identity and access management solution now to guard your gateways is a small price to pay for greater peace of mind.

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