Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Hackers for Hire are Here to Steal Corporate Secrets


As the rise of “as a service” cybercrime continues, some hackers aren’t just involved in ransomware and PII theft. They’re focused on specialized spying, like stealing trade secrets – and keeping them out of your business is easier than you think.  

Corporate espionage is a growing industry in a world where information can be currency. From state-backed actors trying to filch technology to data thieves who want the results of COVID-19 testing, thriving cottage industries have grown up around specialized corporate cybercrime.

These bad actors aren’t just focusing on global corporations or well-known institutions anymore – companies of every size are at risk of attack. But you can quickly and efficiently add safeguards to your systems and data to reduce your risk of corporate espionage, and it’s not even expensive.

Add a secure identity and access management solution like Passly to add safeguards against hackers that make it harder for them to break in with a stolen or cracked password. It’s also smart to add automatic phishing protection with Graphus to put strong protection between your business and cybercrime like phishing and ransomware.

By beefing up security with these solutions and staying alert for credential compromise with Dark Web ID, you can ensure that you’re ready for potential corporate hacking attempts to keep your proprietary data safe.

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