Thursday, September 3, 2020

Growing Dark Web Data Dumps Are Fueling New Cybercrime

Growing Dark Web Data Dumps Are Fueling New Cybercrime

Dark Web data dumps have always been a source of fodder for cybercriminals. However, a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of data that is available inexpensively or for free on the Dark Web is a key contributor to an explosion of cybercrime in 2020 (like ransomware or credential stuffing attacks) that can devastate your business.  

It’s estimated that 65% of the data on the Dark Web now can damage businesses, and more is being added every day through the release of information obtained in previous cyberattacks and the addition of information that’s been gathered about companies and populations.

One of the most common ways that new information fuels cyberattacks is through a data dump. Dark Web data dumps are huge quantities of information added to the pool that cybercriminals can draw from to power cyberattacks like ransomware, credential stuffing, and phishing. Everything from reams of email addresses to sensitive employee and security information to driver’s license records from around the world is making its way into the slurry of Dark Web data dumps.

That’s why it pays to have constant, reliable Dark Web monitoring and analysis through a solution like Dark Web ID to watch for your company’s protected employee credentials to hit the Dark Web. You can also add additional protections for privileged administrator and executive credentials. 

Dark Web ID uses human and machine intelligence to keep an eye on every shady corner of the Dark Web 24/7/365. If your protected passwords or credentials are spotted entering a Dark Web marketplace, you’re alerted to the potential danger quickly, giving you time to take action against attacks.

With the constant stream of information flowing into Dark Web data markets growing every day, it makes sense to make sure that you’re watching for trouble so that you can stop cyberattacks before they start.

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