Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Malicious Insiders Could Be Just Around the Corner

Cybersecurity risks don’t just come from outside your business. Sometimes, it’s the new staffer in payroll or the disgruntled clerk in receiving that pose your biggest cybersecurity threat and you may not even notice them until it’s too late, like Shopify this week. 

But it’s not difficult or expensive to take sensible precautions against potentially malicious employees and you should do that right away – because it will happen to you. Insider threats like this are a never-ending source of worry for business owners, and that’s why secure identity and access management should be at the top of your list for solutions that help prevent malicious insiders from stealing sensitive information. 

Using a dynamic secure identity and access management tool like Passly gives you more control over who has access to what, enabling tight controls on sensitive data. It also adds protection against your staffers selling their login credentials by adding multifactor authentication. And if you do have a malicious inside incident, single sign-on LauncPads for every user makes it easy for your security team to cut off access for a user and limit the damage. 

Security experts at companies around the globe agree – secure identity and access management is a key component of a strong cybersecurity defense that acts as a major deterrent to malicious insiders. Adding a cost-effective solution like Passly to your security plan now can save you a fortune in incident recovery costs and heartache later.

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