Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Human Error is a Top Cause of Data Breaches

Companies face cybersecurity threats on many fronts every day, but human error may be the most pervasive – and the most preventable. A 2019 study analyzing data from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office found that human error played a role in 90% of data breaches last year. This represents a significant increase from just two years ago, when only 61% of breaches were attributed to human error.
The study concluded that phishing scams were the primary cause of breaches with unauthorized access to systems ranking a close second. However, the study’s authors were also quick to point out that while employees represent a noteworthy data privacy risk, they can also serve as a critical defense against cybercriminals. When equipped with the right tools, like phishing scam awareness training, employees can be transformed from a potential weak point into a crucial asset in the fight against cybercriminals and fraud.

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