Monday, March 23, 2020

60% of UK Consumers Impacted By a Data Breach in 2019

As expected, 2019 was a devastating year for data breach victims. As more year-end studies are completed and released, we’re learning more about who was effected the most. According to a recent report, nearly 60% of UK consumers were impacted by a data breach last year, a staggering total that underscores the personal implications of the more than 7,000 data breaches that affected UK companies in 2019.
The report noted the potential consequences of such an extensive breach environment, including cybercriminals using the sensitive personal and financial information that they collected from users as a gateway to deploy other cyberattack tactics like spear phishing that can compromise sensitive information, data, and systems even more severely. 
Although the number of breaches hasn’t increased significantly, the amount of compromised records has escalated. The number of records that have been compromised has tripled since 2018, surpassing 15 billion this year. This 300% year-over-year increase should encourage companies to seek solutions that can monitor the Dark Web for their data to preempt further hacking attempts. At the same time, training employees to identify and neutralize increasingly sophisticated spear phishing campaigns is an absolute prerequisite for a capable defensive posture in 2020.

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