Thursday, June 12, 2014

News from the Cloud #2

NEWS from the cloud | Panda Security
News From The Cloud Panda Security
Welcome to 'News from the Cloud', the new way to stay informed about all news regarding your security.
Panda Cloud Fusion
Should I be worried about viruses in my Mac?
Whitepaper about security in Mac OS X 
Don't take risks, security is never
a choice, even in Mac OS X.
Learn how to stay safe.
Panda Cloud Fusion
New world record in malware creation!
The most significant attacks, the worst malware and all the details
in the 2014 Q1 Pandalabs Report.
Security flaw in Internet Explorer
Microsoft acknowledges security flaw in Internet Explorer.
The Antivirus is dead, long live the Antivirus!

Interesting article about the sudden death of the antivirus.
AV tests
Best in AV comparative tests! 
Panda achieves a 100% detection rate with zero false positives.
Panda Cloud
Antivirus 3.0
This new version is more intuitive, lighter and safer than ever before.
USB Vaccine
Free solution
Block malware spreading through USB drives.
AV tests
The new way to manage, monitor and support IT systems.

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