Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FileMaker eNews June 2014

FileMaker eNews
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June 2014

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Idea to iPad Video
From idea to iPad Webinar
Is there a business task or process that you'd like to easily manage? Got a project currently being tracked in spreadsheets or being entered on paper forms? Watch as we build a custom solution using the FileMaker Platform and have it deployed to an iPad in under 60 minutes.

FileMaker 13 Themes
Getting Started with FileMaker 13 Themes
Calvin Cooper, Skeleton Key

Themes were first introduced with FileMaker 12 and provided developers with a selection of preset themes that could be used to speed up layout design. The addition of themes was an improvement over the previously available options but was still rather limiting. With FileMaker 13, new tools have been introduced to help leverage the power of themes.

FTS Training FileMaker 13
Master the FileMaker 13 Essentials

Discover best practices for developing professional
FileMaker 13 solutions that are easy to use, and take advantage of the full functionality of the FileMaker Platform! For an introduction to FileMaker software, FileMaker Training Series: Basics is available as a free ebook. FileMaker Training Series: Advanced comes with a detailed, step-by-step manual and includes demo files, exercises and videos to help guide you through the materials. It is available on the FileMaker Store as a printed book and DVD for $39.99 USD or as an electronic download for $19.99 USD.

FileMaker DevCon
FileMaker Developer Conference 2014

Watch a preview of one of this year's most popular featured sessions at the 2014 FileMaker Developer Conference, "Layouts, Styles & Themes," an under the hood session. Speaker Andrew Paulsen, from FileMaker, Inc., will be focusing on improvements to styles, themes, and layouts in FileMaker 13. This session will give details to create desktop and mobile solutions that are fast, efficient, and visually stunning.

The FileMaker Developer Conference is just around the corner with over 70 sessions to choose from at the biggest FileMaker event of the year. Come to DevCon 2014 and discover how the FileMaker Platform can help you run your business without boundaries. Join over 1,200 developers in San Antonio, Texas from July 28-31, 2014 and take the first steps to achieving your business goals.

FMGO Story
Tell the world about your amazing iOS solutions built with the FileMaker Platform!

FileMaker is looking for great iPad and iPhone solutions created with the FileMaker Platform to publicize on the FileMaker website and in the media. If you have used the FileMaker Platform to create iOS solutions that work in a unique, money/time saving way, please send the details to Kevin Mallon, FileMaker Public Relations.

 Basic Tip
Basic FileMaker Tip
FileMaker 13: Optimizations Using "Perform Script on Server"
Tim Dietrich Database ConsultingOne of my favorite new FileMaker 13 features is the "Perform Script on Server" script step (hereafter referred to as "PSOS"). PSOS enables us to send a request to a FileMaker Server so that it will run a specified script on the client's behalf (using the server's resources). Optionally, you can indicate whether or not the client should wait for the result of the script, or just proceed without waiting for the result.

"FileMaker Training Series: Basics - Working with Layouts" web seminar recording
 FM Webinars
In this hour-long event, led by Tim Jones from Accelerate Computer Training, you'll discover tools and techniques for creating layouts in FileMaker Pro 13, including custom themes, styles, the Field Picker, slide controls, popovers, portals, tab controls and more. Learn how the new design features make it faster and easier to consistently create great-looking databases for desktop and iOS.

 FileMaker Community
SeedCode Calendar Pro Now Runs in FileMaker WebDirect
Now you can conveniently access your SeedCode Calendar Pro solution from your web browser with their latest update. With the added second set of scripts and layouts, Calendar Pro is now optimized for FileMaker WebDirect - the newest feature in FileMaker 13. FileMaker WebDirect lets you easily share and deploy your solutions via a web browser. Don't have Calendar Pro?

EasySync 1.0 by Tim Dietrich Database Consulting
EasySync by Tim Dietrich Database Consulting is an open source sync framework for the FileMaker Platform. You can use it to sync data between mobile devices (running FileMaker Go) and databases hosted on FileMaker Server. It uses FileMaker native functionality, no plug-ins or custom functions.

Core4 CRM by Productive Computing
Productive Computing announced Core4 CRM for the FileMaker 13 Platform, a customer relationship management tool tracking end-to-end management of all customer touch-points and commitments. It has a completely redesigned web interface taking advantage of FileMaker WebDirect, and other new FileMaker 13 features such as improvements to the desktop interface, improved dashboard list views and graphs, as well as an optimized iOS experience using FileMaker Go

Have FileMaker Pro, but no time to build that ideal solution to track that data or make your department more productive and efficient? Look for the "FileMaker Certified" symbol when searching for a consultant in your area.
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  1. I'm glad that someone is bringing programming a little bit closer to reality. Not everyone can talk directly to a computer via code. It's nice when you can build the program yourself, or at least have a filemaker consultant tackle your needs. Being able to draw a sketch on paper and have it come back as a real program is awesome.