Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cryptolocker Virus Advisory

Cryptolocker Virus Advisory to Clients

As many of you might already know the Cryptolocker virus has been proliferating throughout the internet. This is a serious virus that encrypts all of your documents and requires its victims to pay a ransom to unlock their files. Infected users either have to pay the ransom or restore from backup.

Even though your computers are protected by Anti-virus software the virus may get through if the user is lured into clicking on the wrong email or web link.

Very recently we have seen the virus disguise itself as an email claiming to be a fax@[your domain] (Example: with a link to the virus on the website. 

Do not click on this link and delete the email immediately as well as alert your IT support. 

As always be careful about opening any attachments being sent from unknown users. Also, never open any attachments with .zip or .exe extension.s

For more information on this virus please check the following link:

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