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Benefits for Business of a Hosted Desktop in the Cloud - The Bit Newsletter June 2014

The BIT Newsletter June  2014 Edition

Benefits for Business of a Hosted Desktop in the Cloud

Cloud computing has opened up a number of opportunities for making working life easier, developing businesses at reduced cost, or just cutting costs generally. Chief among these is the hosted desktop using secure servers in the cloud. Across the globe, a variety of business owners are taking advantage of the cloud in this way. If you are among them, or decide to join them, you'll find you get a number of benefits.
More Accurate Cash Flow Forecasting 
Rarely would a business be operating without an internet-enabled device, which you need for your desktop to be hosted. Rental packages for a hosted desktop come in different forms and you can shop around to find what's best for your organization. After the initial one-off set up cost to incorporate your current data onto the remote connection software, you might prefer to pay annually, quarterly or monthly. Whichever you select, you'll know what you have to pay and when it will be due.  
Host companies realize that their fee packages must remain flexible enough to add new software and user devices as required, so extras will be negotiable. There will not be any costly surprises for the duration of the initial contract and beyond.
Money Saved on Hardware and Technical Support
With a hosted desktop service, you save money by not having to invest in new hardware just to support software updates or gain more space for it. The provider will automatically upgrade everything, incorporating an end user license fee in the service charge. You won't have to employ as much technical support because this will be part of the service. If you have an IT department, it can be streamlined to work on data quality, research and development, training, or other core business needs. Your payroll bill could drop significantly.
Working on the Move
Relying on a hosted service means that you can have access to your software and business data anywhere. Everyone in the organization can work and communicate at home and out and about, just as if they were sitting at a desk on site. With mobile devices, either staff or company owned, which are networked into the hosted desktop, collaboration from anywhere is a simple matter. When you set up in a new location, once you have the hardware, you will be good to go straight away with a seamless and unobtrusive move.
Boosted Staff Morale 
When your personnel can use mobile devices for work as well as PCs at their desks, it's easy to allow them more flexible working conditions. This usually makes for a happier and more productive team, with benefits all round. 
Automatic Security and Disaster Recovery
With everything hosted and automatically backed up in secure, compliant data centers that are manned day and night by IT experts, you need have no security worries. Service suppliers will have made the investment in the latest developments in cyber security. 
You can also be assured that your data will be safe if your premises are hit by fire, storm or other emergency. Hopefully, that will never happen, but if it did, it would be a great relief to have that worry lifted at a time when you'd have a lot more on your mind. 
There are, of course, other ways to facilitate mobile working, but none bring such comprehensive advantages as the hosted desktop. It is difficult to find arguments against using a virtual desktop service from a recommended and reputable supplier.

Bit by Bit Adds "Best of Breed" Cloud and Hybrid Faxing Solutions 

Bit by Bit has been selling, supporting and customizing the Market leading Fax server solution – RightFax – for over 15 years, since it first ran on the OS2 platform.  With more than twice the market share of the next leading competitor, RightFax has long been the gold standard of on-premise fax solutions.  
With Fax being one of the many business solutions organizations are moving to the cloud, Bit by Bit is proud to announce that we can also offer our clients the Market-Leading CLOUD based Fax solution as well, OpenText's EasyLink.     
Offering the benefits of reduced IT Overhead, advanced Business Continuity and the highest levels of security and compliance, Open Text's Fax2Mail (Hosted Fax) and RightFax Connect (Hybrid Fax Solution) are very compelling business solutions for organizations that do a lot of faxing and want to simplify their  IT footprint.  With RightFax, Fax2Mail and RightFax Connect, we can now bring you the best-selling, most reliable solution regardless of whether you want your Fax to be housed locally, in the cloud, or a little-bit-of-both.   Reach out to your Bit by Bit sales Rep to hear about which solution is best for you.
If we can help with any of your technology needs please contact us for additional  information. 1.877.860.5831 or email
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RightFax is the market leading "gold-standard" of  network fax solutions, with almost four- times the market share of the next competitor.
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What is new with has announced that they will remove the storage limits for the Business accounts. You no longer have to worry about how much storage you will use, and simply focus on using better cloud storage!

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