Monday, April 5, 2021

Impersonation Schemes Can Snag Even Savvy Employees

Impersonation Schemes Can Snag Even Savvy Employees 

As phishing threats continue to rise, a disturbing trend that has grown throughout the pandemic continues to impact businesses around the world. Smart cybercriminals are pulling off audacious impersonation schemes, and protecting your business from them needs to be a priority.

Cybercriminals have been using the circumstances of the global pandemic to their advantage. Workers received 72% more emails in 2020 than the year before, and that means many more opportunities for phishing – over 35% of all phishing emails sent in 2020 had a COVID-19 twist. 

Bad actors used emails purporting to be from organizations like the World Health Organization, the New York Department of Labor, Oxford University and myriad other seemingly “trustworthy” authorities to socially engineer pandemic-rattled workers into downloading spurious attachments and clicking poisoned links.

Those are the kinds of phishing messages that can snag anyone, even employees who are normally wary about such things. That’s why it’s essential that phishing resistance training is a central feature of your cybersecurity plan. Studies show that security awareness training like that can reduce your risk of a cybersecurity incident by up to 70% as long as it’s regularly refreshed (typically quarterly).

BullPhish ID is an ideal training solution for businesses of any size. Our content is updated regularly, providing fresh exercises reflecting the latest threats for workers every month. Training materials can also be quickly customized to better reflect industry-specific dangers. Access it all through a user-friendly training portal that makes the whole experience painless.. 

Don’t wait until someone’s been fooled by a phishing email. Strengthen your company’s defense against clever, socially-engineered phishing attacks with regular phishing resistance and security awareness training. You’ll gain dividends today and tomorrow.

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