Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Automation Saves Everyone’s Nerves

Automation Saves Everyone’s Nerves 

Are you tired of filing a trouble ticket and waiting for a technician for every little IT issue? When you ake advantage of the automation capabilities that many of today’s smrt solutions feature, you don’t have to. Affordable automation means that you can make just few small adjustments to your security plan that bring big results, reducing your trouble tickets while increasing your security posture.

By far the most common trouble ticket that helpdesks receive is a password reset. On average, 20% to 50% of all IT help desk tickets each year are for password resets. one password reset can set you back around $100. This calculator using averaged data can help you determine the cost of a password reset for your business.

But if you’re using a secure identity and access management solution like Passly, you never have to pay or wait for a password reset – it’s automated, eliminating wait time (and expense) for you and stress on IT personnel. On average, every one of a company’s employees is going to call the helpdesk 11 times per year., so that savings really adds up.

Consider using that money to automate a few other security tools. If you add Graphus to your security planyou’ll be upgrading your security and reducing trouble tickets at an unbeatable value . You get automated antiphishing security that uses AI and more than 50 data points to spot and stop phishing email. It catches 40% more than traditional solutions. 

Also consider automating security awareness training with BullPhish ID. Choose from an array of plug-and-play phishing kits and set your phishing simulation to deliver the training that your staff needs, then report on theirprogress – automatically. Automated deployment and no-fuss integration with Dark Web ID also makes it a snap to keep an eye open for dark web credential compromise too

Don’t stress out yourself or your security team with a sea of trouble tickets for mundane issues. No one wants to spend the day waiting for IT to reset a password. Affordable automation lowers everyone’s stress. Automate as many routine processes as you can and free up your staff to do something more important with their time.

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