Thursday, January 28, 2021

How Strong is the Lock on the Door to Your Data?

You wouldn’t trust a flimsy old lock to secure the door to your business. Why are you trusting one to secure your business systems and data? It sounds logical that you’d want the most secure lock on your office door, but many companies don’t extend that logic to the access points to their systems and data, leaving them wide open to cybercriminal mischief.

In a recent survey, only 24% of businesses were using security access controls, like a secure identity and access management solution instead of old-fashioned password-based security. That’s a boon for cybercriminals – compromised passwords are the key to entry for them in around 85% of all data breaches. Strong access point security isn’t just something for major corporations anymore. Every business needs it, and solutions like Passly ensure that every business can afford it. 

Password danger can be created by IoT Cybersecurity risk too & healthcare ransomware attacks

Would you trust a flimsy lock for your front door? Add a stronger lock between cybercriminals and your business when you learn to Build Better Passwords.  GET IT>>

Protecting your systems and data with just a password isn’t going to cut it anymore. Even if your employees are making good, complex passwords and practicing excellent password hygiene, relying on passwords alone is outmoded and dangerous. Huge stores of passwords that have been stolen in past data breaches are available in Dark Web markets and data dumps to power credential stuffing attacks and other cybercrime.

Passly makes it easy and affordable to defend against password-based attacks with the tools that experts recommend: multifactor authentication, single sign-on, secure shared password vaults and more. Plus, Passly deploys in days, not weeks for an immediate security improvement. Don’t wait to beef up your access point security. Add a secure identity and access management solution today and make sure that the access points to your systems and data are really protected.

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