Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Can Your Staff Really Spot Phishing Messages? Can You?

Can Your Staff Really Spot Phishing Messages? Can You? 

Phishing is a threat that looms large for every business. In 2020, phishing threats grew by more than 600% as cybercriminals took advantage of a perfect storm of factors that gave them great advantages: a newly remote workforce, world unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic and a crashing economy.

That’s definitely a growth category for cybercrime in 2021. Damage related to cybercrime including phishing-related threats like ransomware and business email compromise is projected to hit $6 trillion annually in 2021 as a new cyberattack is launched every 39 seconds. 

One of the best investments that you can make to protect your business from today’s worst cyberattack threats is security awareness training featuring phishing resistance. We’re making that easier than ever before with the newly updated BullPhish ID. 

Featuring user-friendly training portals, customizable training materials, and simple remote management, BullPhish ID is the top-flight training solution that includes everything that you need to get your team ready to face down phishing at an excellent price.

Don’t wait to start your 2021 security awareness and phishing resistance training program. Act now to start protecting your business from cybercrime before one click on one phishing email costs you a fortune.

Bit by bit has security packages that can help secure your network, call today to schedule a time to learn more about how we can help. 

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