Thursday, January 14, 2021

Don’t Let Employee Blind Spots Cost You a Fortune

Don’t Let Employee Blind Spots Cost You a Fortune 

The number one cause of a data breach never changes – it’s always human error. No matter how savvy you may think your staffers are about cybersecurity, everyone has a blind spot. How can you find your employees’ blind spots and make sure that you’re covering all of your bases?

A recent report called Cyberchology: The Human Element details some of the unfortunate consequences that the sudden shift to remote work and the stress of the pandemic has brought to the table. The most striking observation? Just over 80% of companies experienced cybersecurity challenges due to human error in 2020.

While human error is always going to the top cause of a data breach or similar cybersecurity incident, you can take steps to reduce that possibility by creating an atmosphere for your employees that makes it okay, or even encouraged, to ask questions and learn more about cybersecurity. A well-informed, confident staff is your secret weapon against cybercrime. 

A strong cybersecurity culture is rooted in accessible, up-to-date, easy to understand security awareness training that includes phishing resistance. It’s important to use tools like training with BullPhish ID as exercises that nourish your healthy cybersecurity culture, not punishments to be endured. That’s why we’re careful to include memorable, animated video lessons in our training content menu.

Making training pleasant and manageable for even your most tech-shy staffer helps foster a spirit of teamwork that has your staffers watching out for trouble to make sure that those blind spots are covered – because when every staffer is trained to spot and stop cybersecurity threats, everyone in your organization is on your defense team.

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