Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Fake Zoom Invites Bring Real Trouble

Is that Zoom invite from a new client or a cybercriminal? As many companies continue working from home, fake Zoom invites, bogus password reset messages, and social media ploys are just the latest tool that bad actors are exploiting to get their foot in the door at your business.

Scams like this are abundant this time of year, as people get busy with holiday activities or take time off and many offices are a little more lax. Without IT experts to turn to, your staffers could be at risk of falling for a malicious Zoom invite, a malware-laden LinkedIn message, or other unexpected phishing threat without knowing what to do about it.

Email attachments have become so notorious that cybercriminals are hunting for new ways to launch phishing attacks. But if you’re keeping your security awareness and phishing resistance training up to date, your staffers probably won’t fall for the ploy. Businesses that engage in regular security awareness training that includes phishing resistance reduce their chance of having a cybersecurity incident by up to 70%.

As long as it’s regularly refreshed, that is. Studies show that staffers retain the knowledge and skill developed through phishing resistance training for about 3 months. By instituting quarterly training at minimum, you’re not only keeping your staff on their toes to encourage good cybersecurity habits, but you’re also making sure they’re up to date on the latest threats.

BullPhish ID is the ideal training solution for in-office and remote staff. We add 4 new plug-and-play phishing resistance training campaigns every month to make sure that your employees are ready for the latest threats, including COVID-19 scams, Google’s biggest phishing topic in history.

Don’t wait until the newest phishing scam like fake Zoom invites or maladvertising is rocking your business, disrupting your operations, and draining your budget – commit to a dynamic security awareness training program now and save yourself a raft of headaches later.

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