Thursday, December 10, 2020

Amazon Brings Unwanted Holiday Gifts to Businesses

Amazon Brings Unwanted Holiday Gifts to Businesses 

Everyone loves giving and getting gifts – it’s part of what makes this season special. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for cybercriminals too. As you and your staffers buy everything from business essentials to toys on Amazon this holiday season, you’re opening your business up to extreme risk from phishing. 

While an increase in holiday-time phishing attacks isn’t unusual, the combination of people shopping from home because of the pandemic plus a huge increase in overall cybercrime spells trouble for your company in 2020. A recent report shows that Amazon-related phishing messages have more than doubled this year, and they’re continuing to climb, with a more than 60% increase in November alone. 

So how can you protect your business? By making sure that all of your employees are well-versed in the types of phishing schemes that cybercriminals are bringing to the table this year. Up-to-date training that’s regularly refreshed can lower your incidence of a cybersecurity problem by up to 70%, making it a smart investment in your business. 

insider threats like human error represented by the silhouette of a woman with her head in her hands in front of a laptop.

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BullPhish ID is perfect for training your employees to be vigilant about the latest threats. We constantly update the plug-and-play phishing resistance training kits that are available to use for your business, including adding 4 new ones per month covering all the latest scams like COVID-19 threats.

Get your business a gift this holiday season – improved cyber resilience with a commitment to security awareness training with BullPhish ID that reduces your chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime. Your IT team will thank you when your well-trained staff avoids major cybersecurity blunders that would have caused huge problems – and your accounting department will thank you too because BullPhish ID is cost-effective and it could save you a fortune if you avoid even one cybersecurity disaster.

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