Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Too Many Privileged Credentials Can Lead to Disaster

Too Many Privileged Credentials Can Lead to Disaster 

How many administrator or above credentials are around for your business systems? How many people have access to an administrator password who shouldn’t? Can you be sure that every former staffer’s access has been removed? How many of your staffers are reusing passwords at work and at home? 

Compromised credentials cause big business problems, and privileged credentials are Golden Tickets for cybercriminals. In a recent analysis, experts determined that as many as a fifth of employees with privileged user credentials don’t need them – a third of the respondents even said that everyone at their level has the same access, whether they need it or not.

Playing fast and loose with privileged access to your systems and data is a disaster waiting to happen, as the US Government recently found out. Bad actors were able to gain access to critical data and systems with stolen access credentials for O365, including administrator credentials. The attackers were then able to conduct a complex malware attack, remotely logging into staffers’ computers.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to have to track down someone to click a button. But giving out privileged access to everyone is no good at all, and sharing administrator passwords is not the answer. Simple secure identity and access management is the solution.

Secure identity and access management is a top CISO priority for 2021. Let us show you why with Passly. Your clients will love the price and you’ll love the MRR!


Passly combines multiple security tools into one solution, giving you more for your money including multifactor authentication and secure shared password vaults. But the most important feature that Passly provides to alleviate this headache is single sign-on. It makes everyone’s job easier.

Instead of writing down administrator passwords to access a system or giving people blanket access, single sign-on allows every staffer to have a personalized LaunchPad that signs them in to all of the apps they’ll use at work in one swoop.

It’s also a boon for IT departments. No need to go into every single application a staffer might use and grant them access permissions. No more endless password resets when somebody lost that sticky note. Every user has an individual LaunchPad that IT staff can access from anywhere, granting and removing permissions with just a few clicks.

Secure identity and access management was cited as a top priority for next year by CISOs in a recent survey, and it’s no wonder. Making it easier for IT staffers to control your access points while making it easier to make sure that the right people have access to the right things exactly when they need it just makes good sense.

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