Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Ransomware Incidents and Expenses Are on the Rise – and No Business is Safe


Ransomware is a terrifying threat that every business is facing these days and a favored tool of cybercriminals. Ransomware incidents are becoming more frequent, and both ransoms and recoveries are growing more expensive. Here are our best tips for avoiding getting caught up by expensive, damaging ransomware.  

Add an automated phishing defense solution. Your employees can’t click on a ransomware-laden email if they never get it. Automated phishing protection using a smart solution like Graphus reduces the chances of a dangerous email reaching your employees and also provides warnings to call out unusual communications. 

Never stop training. Cybercriminals are constantly updating their phishing attack playbooks. Shouldn’t you be constantly updating your phishing resistance training to fight back? When you use BullPhish ID for phishing awareness training, you have access to more than 100 plug-and-play phishing simulation kits, with new kits added every month to ensure that you’re training for the latest threats. 

Lock your doors. Take the sting out of a stolen, phished, or cracked password by adding secure identity and access management to your defenses. It’s a recommended mitigation for cybercrime by the FBI. Choose a multifunctional solution like Passly to get all of the features that you need like multifactor authentication, secure shared password vaults, and easy remote management, in one affordable package. 

By making a few simple and affordable tweaks to your defensive security plan, you can add several shields to protect your systems and data (and your bottom line) from the devastating effect of a ransomware disaster.

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