Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Customers Are Ready to Break Up With Businesses That Have Breaches

While data breach can be an expensive and complex recovery proposition for your company, there’s one area that you may never fully repair: customer trust. Customers are indicating that they’re more motivated than ever to terminate their relationships with firms that can’t keep their data safe – and that’s bad news for the 49% of companies that will experience a data breach this year. 

While that number is high (and continues growing) there’s one sure-fire way to reduce your risk of joining the club. That’s good news for your business because a recent cybersecurity poll determined that customers are 84% less likely to do business with a company that’s been breached. 

The secret? Security awareness training. Engaging in regularly updated security awareness training including phishing resistance training is crucial for reducing your risk of having a cybersecurity incident. Adequate cybersecurity awareness training reduces your chance of a disaster like a data breach by up to 70%. 

That’s why we make sure that we’re constantly updating the content in BullPhish ID, like adding 4 plug-and-play phishing training kits every month. Studies show that the maximum length of time for employees to retain cybersecurity training is about 4 months, which means that we’ll have plenty of campaign kits (including COVID-19 threats) available for your staff when you launch your next cybersecurity awareness training initiative.

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