Monday, August 3, 2020

What is a Network Security Audit and Why Do I Need One?

As a business owner, you know that data security is one of your most vital concerns. You know that a single data breach could erode the trust of your customers, and that repeated breaches could subject you to fines or even put you out of business.

As a result, you have taken steps to lock down your network, from requiring strong and unique passwords and frequent password changes to installing firewalls and security software to keep the bad guys at bay. And while those are all crucial steps on the road to cyber security, they may not be enough to safeguard your network infrastructure and the massive amounts of proprietary and customer data it contains.

You may think that your network is as secure as it can be, but without a formal audit you can never know for sure. A network security audit is an important next step for every business owner, and the sooner you conduct one the better off you and your business will be.

What is a Network Security Audit?
A network security audit, also known as a network security assessment, is a formalized process during which the entire data infrastructure is carefully evaluated. During the process, previously unknown vulnerabilities or weak spots may be uncovered, and each one of those will be addressed once the formal assessment has been completed.

Once the network security audit is over, a formal list of recommendations will be made. These points will then be followed up on, either by the internal IT staff at the company, by the organization that conducted the audit or by an outside managed IT service provider. After these deficiencies have been addressed, a follow up audit may be conducted to ensure that all vulnerabilities have been adequately addressed.

The Many Benefits of a Network Security Audit
Subjecting your network infrastructure to a formal security assessment may seem like a cumbersome process, but the many benefits of the audit make it more than worthwhile. If you are running your business and simply hoping for the best, it is only a matter of time until a ransomware demand, hacker attack or security breach comes your way. These threats are not going away; if anything they are getting worse, and you cannot afford to fly blind in such a dangerous environment.

If you have not yet conducted a formal network security audit of your network, now is the time to get started. Here are some of the benefits of having your network infrastructure professionally evaluated.

   Regulatory compliance - Some types of businesses, including those operating in the governmental or healthcare space, may be required to undergo regular network security assessments and intrusion detection testing.

   Finding hidden vulnerabilities - Even if you have secured your network against all known threats, there may be other dangers hidden in plain sight. A network security audit can uncover those previously unknown vulnerabilities and address them.

   Enhancing the security of cloud storage accounts - If your business has moved to the cloud, conducting a formal network security assessment can enhance the value and safety of those stored files.

   Strike a balance between top security and easy access for employees - Finding the right balance between network security and usability is no easy task, but a professional network assessment can help a lot.

   Take advantage of specific expertise - You are an expert at running your business, but you are probably not a tech guru. When you schedule a network security assessment, you gain access to the specific expertise needed to keep you and your data safe.

   Employee education - The members of your staff should be the first line of defense in your cyber security strategy, not the weakest links in the chain. Investing in a formal network security assessment is a great way to educate workers on the value of data protection and their vital role in the process.

No matter where your business operates or what its niche, you have a vested interest in the protection of your network and the data it contains. With data breaches almost a daily event, it has never been more important to protect the information with which your business has been entrusted.

By conducting a formal data security assessment, you can decrease the odds of a data breach, educate your workers on the growing dangers and shore up your cyber defenses. If you have not yet conducted such an audit, now is the time to get started.

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