Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Double Extortion Ransomware is in Fashion This Summer

In a tough economy, everybody’s looking for a way to make a little more money and increase profitability – even cybercriminals. Why should a cybercriminal only benefit once from the hard work of hacking into systems and deploying ransomware, when they could benefit twice?

Double extortion ransomware is becoming more trendy as a means of cybercrime because it opens up extra opportunities for profit as cybercriminals not only attempt to get paid by selling you the encryption key to unlock your systems and data, they also try to extort a little extra by threatening to release especially sensitive information on the Dark Web. 

The majority of ransomware infections are delivered via phishing- and phishing isn’t just an email threat these days. Instead of the proverbial malware-laced attachment, phishing has expanded to include attack attempts through malicious links, SMS messages, texts, chats, and more. 

By implementing and updated regular phishing resistance training, companies can improve their defense against ransomware. Choose an innovative solution like BullPhish ID that offers constantly updated, plug-and-play phishing training in bite-sized pieces using engaging video lessons in 8 languages to keep staffers on alert for suspicious messages and stop ransomware attacks before they start.

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