Thursday, August 20, 2020

IoT and Home Router Vulnerabilities Can Spell Trouble For Businesses

As kids start heading back to class, colleges begin another year, and parents work to find a new home/life balance, things have changed a bit from the usual back-to-school routine. Unlike in past years, most everyone is doing their thing by logging in from home – and that can create an unexpected danger for your business.

While we’ve been at home during the pandemic, many people realized that their homes could use a little sprucing up. Maybe they had time that they didn’t usually have to research new devices, or they decided to treat themselves at a dark time. For many folks, that translated into fun conveniences like smart plugs, a digital assistant, or a robot vacuum that can be controlled by an app. 

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have never been more popular – 5.8 billion home and auto IoT devices are expected to connect to the internet this year. While these small creature comforts may not seem like a source of harm for your business, they can be – 57% of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium or high severity attacks. 

That means that if a cybercriminal hacks into your employee’s smart plug, then uses that opening to get into their smartphone, then slips through another opening to get into their business email account – you’ve been hacked, and the resulting danger to your systems and data is no different than it would be if the same thing happened from a hacker penetrating your enterprise security directly. 

So how can companies combat this danger? The fastest way is to add a secure identity and access management solution like Passly. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) provides a crucial extra layer of security between hazards like this and your data. Adding MFA means that you can rest a little easier knowing that no matter how a cybercriminal manages to sneak past your security, they won’t be able to affect your business severely – helping alleviate one source of stress in uncertain times.

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