Friday, May 29, 2020

IT Leaders Recognize the Risks of Remote Work


The cybersecurity risks of remote work have received center-stage in light of the workplace restrictions in place because of COVID-19. However, these risks were well-known, even before COVID-19. According to a recent study, in 2019, nearly half of IT leaders admitted that remote workers had intentionally or accidentally put data security at risk. Most prominently, apathy or a failure to take security seriously was identified as one of the most substantial risks associated with remote work. 
Simply put, many remote workers are not attuned to the data security risks experienced when working from home. In some cases, murky technology policies contribute to the risk, but other factors, like being unprepared to identify and respond to phishing scams, pose a significant threat to data security. Fortunately, companies can move the meter in this regard, as intentional strategies, like comprehensive employee awareness training, can equip employees to be a prominent defender of data security. 
We have created a toolkit to help you secure your remote workforce quickly and affordably. Please don’t hesitate to contact my team to find out more about how our cybersecurity suite can help mitigate the risks of remote work.

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