Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5 Ways an IT Service Provider can Help You Avoid Scams

Many businesses face scams on an almost daily basis. These IT scams come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is a phishing email or a social engineering scheme. Understanding how to identify these scams is essential in staying a step ahead of these criminals. An IT service provider can play a key role in keeping your organization well-protected against these ever-evolving schemes. Here are five ways a managed IT service provider can help your business avoid scams in the workplace.

#1 IT Security Awareness Training
One of the most effective ways to avoid these scams is to enroll in IT security awareness training from a managed service provider. These IT training courses educate employees on the latest cyber schemes that target businesses. One cyber attack can devastate any company, but these IT training classes can be scheduled on an ongoing basis to give you the ultimate protection from these threats.

#2 Password Management
Creating strong passwords is essential in keeping your data safe and secure. A managed service provider can help your employees develop effective passwords to maximize security. A few traits of a strong password is that it consists of multiple lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. These passwords should never contain common phrases or any personal information. An IT service provider will ensure that each employee follows these password protocols to maximize data security in the workplace.

#3 Access to Latest Security Updates
Keeping all of your software updated is critical in enhancing cybersecurity for your company. An IT service provider will automatically download these updates to give your business the best protection against cyber threats. These security updates play a crucial role in patching any potential software vulnerabilities and is just one more layer of protection against cybercriminals.

#4 Download Advanced Malware Protection
Advanced malware protection is critical to combat the ever-growing number of cyber threats that businesses face each day. Advanced malware protection differentiates itself from traditional malware protection by providing continuous analysis and retrospective IT security. Advanced features also include outbreak control, global threat intelligence, file trajectory, and much more. An IT service provider will also monitor your business at all times to identify any unusual activity that may compromise your organization.

#5 Upload Data Backups on the Cloud
Many times cybercriminals attempt to hold your data hostage by requiring you to pay a large amount of money to regain access to these files. These ransomware attacks can devastate your entire business and lead to many hours of downtime. However, a managed service provider can help you avoid these attacks by uploading all of your critical data on to the cloud each day. These data backups allow you to easily access your information at any time without giving in to the demands of cybercriminals.

Understanding how to avoid these scams is essential in today's work environment. Focusing on IT security awareness training, password management, and access to the latest security updates play a big role in keeping your business protected against scams. A managed service provider will also give you access to advanced malware protection and data backups to help you avoid being a victim of cyber crimes. These cyber attacks will continue to pose major threats, but an IT service provider is one of the most effective ways to keep your company secure.

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