Tuesday, April 30, 2019

UConn’s $5M data breach lawsuit

UConn’s $5M data breach lawsuit
The University of Connecticut Health Center has been served a class action lawsuit over a data breach that resulted in the exposure of 326,000 current and former patients. Yoselin Martinez and others are seeking $5M in damages, alleging that the university not only took months to report the breach, but could have done more to prevent it. Martinez claims that her bank account has been defrauded and overdrawn due to the information that was compromised during the breach.

The attack was discovered in December of last year, when an unauthorized party was able to access an employee’s email account and compromise names, DOBs, addresses, medical information, and SSNs. With the public eye scrutinizing organizational efforts to protect their customers and employees, small businesses must catch on early and begin working with MSPs to bolster new cybersecurity initiatives.

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