Monday, April 29, 2019

In Other News:

Celebgate 2.0: attacks on the Apple accounts of musicians and athletes
A Georgian man has confessed to hacking the Apple accounts of NFL and NBA players, along with famous musicians. By creating fake accounts and impersonating Apple’s customer service, Kwamaine Jerell Ford was able to send phishing emails that coaxed victims into providing their login credentials as early as 2015. Once he had taken over the accounts, he would change the email addresses and passwords, and proceed to purchase air travel, hotels, and furniture.

With credit card information from Apple in hand, he was also able to transfer money to his own online payment accounts. Ford has pleaded guilty to one count of computer fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft. He will be sentenced on June 24.

Such an incident serves as a strong reminder of just how much damage can be inflicted through phishing. To prevent this highly effective form of cyberattack, small businesses and security providers invest in solutions that are specifically designed with customers and employees in mind, and able to proactively stop phishing campaigns in their tracks. Enter BullPhish ID!

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